Golden Mountains Global Design Award

Golden Mountains Global Design Award

About us

The Beginning: in this era of internet, creative crowdsourcing is enjoying its highlight, we have thousands of creative service talents, who brings life and progress to countless of SMEs. Those talent should be put under the spotlight.

The Briefing

About Golden Mountains Award

Golden Mountains Award is organized by EPWK, the leading creative crowdsourcing service platform. It aim to become an authoritative and professional award which every creativity worker around the world could participate.

The award aims to guild creativity talents combine their innovation with business needs to boost economy growth and serve enterprise and society better.

The Golden Mountains Award will not only becomes a feast for creative talents and lighthouse for creative business design practice, it will also become a marketing tool for internet creativity workers.

The LOGO Definition

LOGO interpretation

“Gold” is resplendent, “Mountain” is the peak waiting for us to concur. The logo fuses “Surpass” “Honor” and “Brainstorming” to form a golden mountain.

It has a metaphor of creativity workers and designers relentlessly concurring different peaks to surpass their own limit, brings the society more fineness through creative design.

The Positioning

Competition orientation

The best place for creative works to show themselves off;

they can demonstrate their ability in design creativity and productivity to the world through the contest, thus strengthen their branding.

The Ideology

Competition concept

Let the good design becomes part of company’s productivity. This award will reward those who contribute to economy growth, while encourage continuous research of design and business needs, and further devote their power to help SMEs in China and around the world to growth and success.

Evaluation Principle

Judging principle

Design should aim to solve problem, practical, able to serve the market and enterprise, promote branding, benefit economy. Practical, value and usefulness are how we define a good design.

The Mission

Competition mission

Bring good design to enterprise and society;

Inspire designers through interdispline and crossover.

The Meaning

competition meaning

Provide model standard for creativity talents and those who wish to become part of this industry;

Provide a chance for creativity talents to show themselves off.

The Sponsor

about epwk

EPWK was founded in 2011, soon becomes a sponsor of National Technology Supporting project; a role model of ‘China Sharing Economy Progression Report’; role model of Ministry of Commerce in e-commerce; ‘The Most Growing Potential Culture Enterprise’ in Fujian Province; the very first initiator of China’s knowledge sharing group standard.

It’s website went live on 2010-07-01, it is the leading crowdsourcing service platform, it has services providers from design, develop, planning and marketing industry. This platform aims to balance the supply and demand off creativity service between workers and enterprise, thus form a new model for transaction and a complete service structure. It already served millions of different departments, organizations and individual employers. By the end of 2019, the platform has over 21 million registered users, has over 18 billions of transaction lump sum.