Golden Mountains Global Design Award

Golden Mountains Global Design Award

winning rights

All honor you can get

An honor certification

1、An honor certification

A finely mounted award winner certification, can be used to increase your exposure.

A unique trophy

2. A unique trophy

A tailor-made trophy to emphasis the authority and honor.

Brand authorization

3. Brand authorization

Award winner can use the branding of the Golden Mountain to promote him/herself in order to get a boost in commercial value.

Propaganda and advertising

Official website exhibition

1. Official website exhibition

Award winning entries will be shown on the official platforms for 6~10 times in both text and images.

Design showcase

2. Design showcase

There will be a grand showcase for award winning entry and its creator to let the mass know what is truly good design.

Yearbook inclusion

3. Yearbook inclusion

Award winning entries will be included in this year’s yearbook, the yearbook will be a collectable and can provide valuable reference for other designers.

Media exposure

4. Media exposure

Entries will be widely reported and promoted in and other design & creativity media to make prize winner more honor and opportunity.

Unique privileges

Attend the ‘Night of Radiance’ ceremony

1、Attend the ‘Night of Radiance’ ceremony

You will be invited to attend the ‘Night of Radiance’ ceremony to celebrate with celebrity and exchange your knowledge about trends and ideology.

Invitation of National Creativity Summit

2. Invitation of National Creativity Summit

You will get a chance to attend the National Creativity Summit held by EPWK as special guest to chat with enterprise around the country and get more opportunity.

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