Golden Mountains Global Design Award

Golden Mountains Global Design Award


‘Taiwan’s Godfather of Industrial Design’
Prize winner of hundreds of international industrial design contest
Executive of Taiwan GIXIA Group

Industrial Designer from Taiwan, graduated from Day University Institute of Industrial Design. He used to be Acer’s graphic engineer in 1990, and was promoted to industrial designer a year after. In 1996 he found Duck Image Studio and was in charge of creativity director. In 2010 he found GIXIA Group and now hold the post as its executive. He has got 121 international prizes yet, including Red Dot, iF, IDEA, G-mark, and was regarded as the beacon of Taiwan’s design industry. He is also the prize winning record holder of Asia design industry.

Executive of AAD
Chief editor of CTA
Member of Hong Kong Design Center

His works has been prized for multiple times from iF, DFA, HKDA, APPLIED ARTS international Design Contest, China International Poster Design Biennial Exhibition, HK Poster Triennial Exhibition, HK IDN International Digital Design Contest, 2020 China Novel Designer Yearbook & Poster Design Award,20/20 Macaw Typography 100% Design Exchange Exhibition, Dalian Graphic Design Biennial Exhibition, Shanghai International Graphic Design Biennial Exhibition etc. His works was collected by HK Heritage Museum, HK Design Center and Xiamen Art Museum.

Creativity Director of Taiwan UID Create Ltd
Chairman of CIDA
Grand Curator of 2019 and 2020’s Taiwan Lantern Festival

  • Curator of the 58th Asia Pacific Film Festival
  • Chief Designer of 2017 Universiade’s torch and main base of Olympic flame
  • The Ministry of Culture of ROC Creative Expo Taiwan committee member
  • The Ministry of Education of ROC International Design Competition committee member
  • The Ministry of Education of ROC Taiwan International Student Design Competition Product Design group judge convener
  • 2016 Taipei World Design Capital chief designer for merchandise
  • LEXUS DESIGN AWARD workshop tutor
  • 仝亚男
    Design Vanguard of China
    Owner of hundreds of national and international design awards
    Founder of KuMu Brand Design Co.Ltd.

    Member of AIGA, IOPP; Level A designer at ICAD, visiting professor of Jiangxi Normal University Art School, assessor at National Vocational Skills Appraisal, judge of China Packaging Yearbook; one of the 2008 Ten Best Designer in Guangdong, elected as the committee member of China Packaging Federation, vice director of Guangdong Packaging Federation, Supervisor of Guangzhou Creativity Industry, chairman of GBDO Creative design committee Awards and honors including WorldStar from WPO, IDEA grand prize, A’ Design Award grand prize, IF international design grand award, Red Dot grand prize, China Packaging Design Star award, China Star awards for designer, the Click Award of China, the Star of Center-South Award, the Star of Guangdong Design Award, Chinese Competition of Guangzhou Daily.

    Professor of Tsinghua University
    Candidates of the new century talent plan of the Ministry of Education
    Ph.D tutor


    Professor of Wuhan University
    Ph.D of Management
    Ph.D tutor

    Director of Wuhan University’s Institute of Big Data Research Center, founder of MeiZhiKu think tank, was assigned as independent chairman of ZhiYin Media AG. His research focuses on media management and operation, publisher strategy management and media group progression. He was assigned as visiting professor at University of South China in 2006, and soon got fund from China Scholarship Council, went to Pace University as a visiting scholar in 2007 to study in journal industry. He is also the leader of National Social Science Fund of China — Research of Reform and the Micro Processing System of Publishing Enterprise Research. He has published Modern Book Industry Management, Modern Book Industry Management 2nd Edition and Research of Chinese Publishing Enterprise Groups’ Development.

    Vice President of the Blue Focus Group
    Dean of the Blue Focus Research Institute
    Creativity judge of London International Advertising Award Director

    academic committee member of China International PR Association,judge of China PR Creativity Contest for University Student, master instructor of Zhejiang University School of Journalism and International Communication.

    Vice President of GSDATA Off campus mater
    instructor of Hebei University School of Journalism
    Visiting professor of Wuhan Yangtze Business University

    Keeps focus on research of internet public opinion for tens of years, knows thoroughly about the progression of modern media and bleeding edge trends. Has given over 40 speeches and training camp, published multiple research paper, hosted multiple project about natural science and social science; leading hundreds of researchers in GSDATA to finish tens of thousands of high quality reports, serving many state government, institution and enterprises.

    Professor of Renmin University of China
    One of the pioneer scholar who researches on modern media
    Scholar of Minjiang River

    His was among research who has highest reference rate of paper through data from CSSCI. Was selected by Ministry of Education’s Outstanding Talents of the 21st Century Project. He was ssigned as chairman of Higher Education Self-study Examination Professional Committee News Professional Committee since 2007; long term executive director of China Technology Journalism Institute. Enlisted in the Elite Scholar of Renmin University of China.

    Professor of Beijing Normal University
    Committee member of Chinese Communication Association
    Post-doc of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Law Institute

    Ph.D tutor, deputy director of Beijing Normal University New Media Propagation Researching Center, visiting scholar of Fulbright Program, City University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Pensilvania University and UC San Diego. Bachelor of Hubei University in English, Master of Wuhan University in Journalism, Ph.D of Wuhan University in Communication. Researches including new media, communication ethics and laws, media crossover and fusion, internet control and law, communication law and information law, film and television communication, international communication and cross culture communication etc.


    北京大学新闻与传播学院教授、博导。北京大学公共传播与社会发展研究中心主任、安平公共传播公益基金联合发起人。分别在北京大学图书馆学系获学士学位,北京大学图书馆学情报学系获硕士学位,北京大学信息管理系获博士学位。曾在新西兰惠灵顿维克多利亚大学及瑞典皇家理工大学计算机与传播学院访学。研究领域包括媒介社会学、媒介文化与公共领域、新媒介赋权及公民社会。主持评选 2009-2011 年年度北京大学公民社会十大事件,组织北大公共传播媒体高级研修班,发起安平中国·北大公益传播奖评选等。

    Professor of Hebei University
    Master instructor of Internet Journalism
    Executive director of Communication and Journalism Association’s internet communication history association

    Prof. Wang drills into internet journalism, internet communication. Was assigned as associate professor of School of Journalism and Communication, professional committee member of Sina Weibo community committee, director of Hebei Adolescent Theory Research Association, standing committee member of China Redactological Society electronic and internet editor committee

    Professor of Amoy University
    Ex-chief editor of Xiamen Media Group
    Founder of Xiamen Star

    Prof. Zou is a Ph.D in History, Ph.D tutor of School of Journalism and Communication in Amoy University, gets special allowance from the State Council.
Was awarded as the Top 10 Television Theory Worker in China, Double Top 10 Journalism Worker, Top Talents of Amoy, 4 First batch talents of Fujian. Assigned as the chairman of Television Artists Association of Xiamen./p>


    陈先红,中国人民大学历史学学士,华中科技大学新闻学硕士、管理学博士,华中科技大学新闻与信息传播学院教授、博士生导师,教育部重大课题首席专家,湖北省政协委员、 湖北省新联会副会长兼网联会会长,湖北省委宣传部首席智库专家。华中科技大学中国故事创意传播研究中心主任。中国新闻史学会公共关系分会会长。澳大利亚昆士兰大学、香港中文大学、香港城市大学、澳门大学访问学者。澳门科技大学兼职教授和博士生导师。清华大学国家形象传播中心首席智库专家,首届讲好中国故事创意传播国际大赛总策划。华中科技大学红树林策划创意团队创始人。

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