Golden Mountains Global Design Award

Golden Mountains Global Design Award


2020 the first contest schedule

The schedule time

Online Pre-review — Finalist Announcement — Live final Evaluation

In 2019-12-20, The Golden Mountain Award held the start ceremony in Xiamen, and the first grand prize selection. The schedule is as following:

2024-5-16 ~ 2024-10-31

Experts will review entries on site and give out fare judges.


An exhibition of award-winning entries and Night of Designers Ceremony will be held, this will be a feast for designers.

The selection scope


Product Design

All creative workers and innovators including university students can participate in this contest, there will be a specific range defined by organizer, participants should hand in their entry following the instruction. Top experts in China will give their judge to the entries.


Visual Design

All creative works including university students can participate in this contest, there will be a specific range defined by demand side such as enterprise, government and social group, participants should hand in their works following the instruction. Top experts in advertisement, package design and fine arts in China will give their judge to the entries.

Award setting

The 1st Golden Mountains Award will have Product Design and Visual Design department, with Pro and Amateur sub-group

Visual Design

Visual Design

Pro | Amateur


The review standards

1. Product Design selection standards

InnovationIs the entry of innovation innovative and creative? Is the entry pleasantly surprising?

Science and technologyDoes the entry of technology includes element of technology and demonstrate crossover of technology and humanity? Can the entry solve any existing problem using modern technology?

ApplicabilityIs the applicable entry follows the rule of ergonomic? Is it easy to operate, use and maintain? Can its prize be affordable by mass consumers?

Environmental protectionIs the environmental friendly entry using environmental friendly material and production method while have overall low carbon emitting? Can this entry be recycled with no hassle?

AestheticsCan the authentic entry fulfill its job while being visually pleasing? Is the form and color visually attracting?

CommunicabilityCan the communicative entry intuitive? Moreover, can it provide different sensory experience and emotional dependence?

ProcessabilityDoes arts and crafts entry have exceptionally great performance in material choosing and craftsmanship? Moreover, is the entry have superb workmanship and boast high quality?

2. Visual Design selection standard

BrandThe works fit the brand tone and product features, can improve the consumer's awareness of the brand / communication events, and the brand information can be conveyed delicately and accurately;

DesignabilityDesign entry should be original, the composition should be proportional, the shape should be lively, the usage of color should be harmonious, the degree of completion should be fine;

CreativityCreative entry should be novel in content, the conception of design should be ingenious while combine the creativity with the usage of the product, conveys a complete concept;

CommunicabilityCommunicable entry should follow the rule of communication, easy to propagate and can stimulate resonance among its audience;

Applicability Applicable entry should have strong appropriability, can be easily apply and can be deploy to online and real life scenario.

To qualify

Creativity workers and innovators (including university students) across the world can participate in this contest;

You can participate in on your behalf or as a team member while the main designer is indicated clearly;

Each entry can only be register by a sole individual or team;

Each participant can register multiple entries.

competing methods

Participants should log into the Golden Mountains Award registry page, fill in the personal information following the direction to finish registering a new account, then upload the entry online. If you already have an account then just upload your entry directly.

500 yuan

50yuanSubsidy price during epidemic period

  • 2024-5-16 ~ 2024-10-31
Sign up
  • Renderings should be provided in full-color in A3 size, within 2MB in JPEG format, 300DPI. There should be no more than 5 renderings each project, each rendering should have the name of project on the upper right corner. It is highly suggested that participant should make a panel to demonstrate the full extent of the project including a text briefing under 150 words;
  • Participant should also upload a scanned copy of personal ID and 2 photos of life shoot recently;
  • There should be no more than 5 projects from one participant;
  • There will be no return for your submissions so you should keep an original file for yourself;
  • You can use computer to process the renderings or hand paint it, but if the size exceed the limit it will be invalid.

1. Project used for this contest should be original, any infringement of intellectual property is strictly forbidden. The organizer of the contest promised to protect the intellectual property of all participate projects and information about participants, other than using for propagating this contest and publishing.

2. Media partners will have right to publish finalist project;

3. If any enterprise wish to use the design project should get usage guarantee from the author first.


Intellectual property

Any entries should be original project, participant should have total copyright and usage, participants should be responsible to portrait right, copyright, intellectual property and other legal matters.

Organizer's right

The committee has righteous usage of participants’ information to propagate about the award and the contest, e.g. publishing award winning entries’ information, publishing yearbooks etc. There will be no addition remuneration and will not be restricted by location.